About Us

I'm Julia, the founder and designer at Cat Street. I’ve been working in the dog space for some years now and started a couple of wildly successful brands you might have heard of- Potty Plant and Barney Bed. I think my transition into cat products came naturally when I became a cat lady and welcomed my two Ragdolls, Roger & Abdul.

My pets always give me inspiration to create products that either haven’t previously existed or a chance to improve the products that are already out there. Ethical product design is my mission and for me it relies on these two things: 

1. Only creating products that people actually need 
2. My products need to last many many years. Another important part of business is to give back. All our brands are regular contributors to the Syrian Animal Rescue Association (SARA) in Damascus, Syria.

I have personally visited the shelter and met with Annie the founder who does incredible work rescuing and housing over 1000 dogs, 200 cats, a donkey and a falcon in a country that lacks much needed resources. If you would like to be involved in supporting SARA in any way, I’d love to hear from you.